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For the Society

Our Programs

The 8200 Alumni Association aims to harness the knowledge, experience and unique skills of its members for the benefit of advancing Israeli society. To this end, the association established a factory of technological and social programs in three main axes of activity: technological entrepreneurship, employment and career advancement and technological education.

We believe that by sharing our knowledge and experience, we create a significant impact and contribute to reducing gaps and strengthening social resilience in Israel.

Technological Entrepreneurship 

8200 For Startups

The axis of technological entrepreneurship in the association has been operating since 2009 as an engine for the germination and acceleration of hundreds of start-up companies in Israel. In this vintage, the association established and operates programs in the ideation phase, acceleration and post-acceleration (support for companies in early growth stages). In this context, the association also works to diversify the entrepreneurial arena and encourages entrepreneurs from underrepresented populations to establish start-up companies.

Employment and career advancement

The axis of employment in the association is built on the basis of the human capital and industry connections of the unit's graduates. The association operates employment programs for different and diverse parts of Israeli society in cooperation with leading and valuable employers. In addition to this, the association initiates and manages female leadership programs to promote and increase managerial impact in the high-tech and technology worlds.

Technological Education

We at the 8200 Alumni Association believe that the future is in education - and promote the accessibility of technology education in the geographical social periphery of Israel. The association works in front of different target audiences for the benefit of the accessibility and strengthening of technological education and the ability to make it accessible to different and diverse segments of the population.


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