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The 8200 Alumni Association was established in 1989, and its main goals were to preserve and pass on the long-standing legacy and encourage unit pride among its alumni. The Association operated, and still operates, in a variety of ways to promote these goals, such as holding conferences, heritage events, etc. Alongside preserving the past legacy, the Association began to work for the benefit of the future of the unit's graduates, with the aim of being relevant to them throughout their lives and helping them to progress, develop and realize their inherent potential.

Therefore, in recent years, it has established under its wing a variety of new communities and platforms for unit alumni - including the annual networking conference, the scholarship project for unit graduates in a difficult socio-economic position, and providing support to the communities of graduates staying abroad. On the media front, alongside the magazine "Migdalor", which deals with historical events in the unit's history as well as current issues on the agenda, the Association has a large audience of graduates for whom it aspires to be a warm home, and to keep in touch with them through its newsletter.

At the same time as providing a service and meeting the needs of the unit's alumni, in light of the understanding that the soldiers of 8200 are an integral part of Israeli society, and that the purpose of Unit 8200 is to serve Israeli society, the 8200 Alumni Association aims to make use of its network of connections, human capital, and the knowledge of its graduates for the benefit of Israeli society. This aspiration is reflected in a variety of projects in different fields, including entrepreneurship, technological-social entrepreneurship, education, and promotion of the Arab sector. These programs are open to the general public, and do not involve service in the unit.

The 8200 Alumni Association has three main goals:
1.     For the graduates - forming a network of 8200 graduates after their demobilization from the unit, and providing assistance to them in a variety of areas: networking, assistance in finding employment, encouraging entrepreneurship, and financial assistance.
2.     For Israeli society - using the 8200 alumni network for the benefit of promoting Israeli society and helping the community in a variety of fields, including entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and action, education, and promotion of the Arab sector.
3.     Preserving the heritage of Unit 8200 and passing it on to its graduates.


2023 Summary in the alumni association

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